Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Slovenia was really beautiful country. This is Postojena. There is a castle by the rock mountain. There is a game of knights once a year. National teams of knights have to fight with the other team. My close Slovenian friend has been joined it. His team defeated Czech team and Italian team.

How can I store a songs in FTP server? I myself is enjoying to read this blog. It's good to turn around. I wanna upload a song to main page to enjoy it more with you visiters.

Monday, February 27, 2006

True Adventure...

It was so exciting to drive a car in the desert of Egypt! I had chartered a car and driver (in the picture). But I wanted to drive it on my own. International driving permit? Don't be formal;)
The driver was happy that he could be gone to sleep at passenger seat. I kept driving and driving. Then gone too far from the route. I waked up the driver and asked where we are. He replied "I don't know".

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Let's see

Well, I posted 2 stories to my another blog. It must be hard challenge. Actually I've done it in Japanese before. Japanese people didn't understand my story after all. Most of them stoped to read it in the beginning. There were very few people read all of the story. But no reaction... I think the language was part of the problem. Actually Japanese is too bad to write about spirituality or humanism. But I'm not sure if there is different reaction in case I made it in English. Let's see...
I think I better make website. But I'm not good for computer. And I have no enough time to do so.
I wanna upload music to this blog. There is a song must be adjusted to this blog. But I don't know how to do it. Help me if there is someone able to do so.

Anyway please visit another blog if you are ready.

I took this picture in Varanasi India. I was used to talk with a boy who I have posted about in this blog before at the place this picture has been taken. It reminded me American Indian's word when I was looking at the river.

"Even though, You are in your big ship and I am on my canoe, We share the same river life"

Would you like a drink?

"Would you like a beer? would you like a coke?"

I have been working for a shop in an touristic temple in Ayuthaya Thailand. Why? I don't know I was already working when I noticed. There're lot of Japanese tourist. But none of them noticed I am Japanese (not in spirit). I spoke English and little bit Japanese in Thai accent. You'll know I am completly different from Japanese people in mood if you met me in person. I was really happy to cheat them.

The shop keeper (in the picture) gave me a can of beer for exchange.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


My plan has been canceled. Life is always like that...
I started to post my volunteering story in India. But it can't be adjusted in this blog. That's why I built another blog and divided it. You can go to the blog from my profile or the link upon the word "LINKS" if you want. I'll upload the stories little by little. But before you go, you should know it's not always happy story. Human beings need both of happiness and sadness to be grown in spirit.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Fairy Tale Moment

I'm lucky, I got time to use a computer! It was snowing last night. So I went to take a pictures. The snow and light changed the place I'm already used. I was feeling as if I'm in the fairy tale:)

I can't use a computer this weekend:p I'll miss you friends.

Have a nice weekend:)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I know...

I know my English is stupid. Even though, I was teaching English in Nairobi Kenya. It was free school for poor children. I was volunteering for the school.
Once one of my students told me what he shouldn't say. He told me my pronounciation is terrible. I was really shocked... That's why I decided to revenge. I wrote down hand writing characters. Then asked him if he does understand what I wrote. He didn't understand them. Then I asked him to repeat to write them down in the notebook for 100 times...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Indian Show!

I've seen an Indian entertainment in the airplane. Click the picture, And look far in the picture. There are Indian guys asking for forgiveness. One of them is behind the Thai lady who is speaking with another Indian. They were shouting against flight attendant. They got upset, because they had no space for their belongings. We were waiting for the show ends. It lasted for 2 hours. Then they got kicked out from the plane. The picture has been taken just before they got kicked out. We left them behind in Bangkok...

The Faith

"You are happy if you celebrated Christmas at Laribela". I've seen an speech of Ethiopian christianity's priest in TV program. There were great number of people for Christmas celebration in the ancient rock church. It was more like ancient christianity. It was an omen for me. I thought I would know what true faith is if I celebrated Christmas in Laribela. You may say I'm crazy. But It was the main reason that I've been wandering Ethiopia. There wasn't cheap air ticket from Japan. so I went to India. Because I knew how to do things in India. And It's closer to Ethiopia. It was as if God prepared my way to the place. In India I met the guy managing free school in Ethiopia. And he told me that I can stay his house in Adis Abeba the capital of Ethiopia. Ethiopia was unknown country. That's why he was big help for me. After taken 2 days and 2 buses from Adis Abeba, Finally I reached Laribela 2 days before from Christmas(Ethiopian Cristmas is 7th Jan). It was amazing place. How ancient people built such great rock churches? But I was more shocked from the other stuff. There were so many poor pilgrimages have been reached there after wandering lot of huge rock mountain. They were injured... I was always carrying medical kit in my backpack, so I went to cure them. Incredible... There was one small clinic only. My medical kit got empty in a hour. Then I went to neighbor village to get medicine and bandage. I couldn't find true faith yet.

On the Christmas eve day, there was a guy terrible injured. He was almost blind. Unblievable, How such poor blind guy has been wandering rock mountains? He had big wound on his foot. So I dressed the wound. He began to pray when I was dressing his foot. I didn't understand what he said. The other guy who spoke English told me that he said he is thankful for the mesiah has come. He was misunderstanding who I am. But finally I found what I was searching for. But he wasn't in the church. The faith wasn't in the building.

The other pictures of Ethiopia

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another World

Welcome to another world. I have taken this picture at Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto Japan. there're 1000 of Torii gates. You may feel as if wandering another world after passed each gates.

You'll see full of people at the place if you came there New year time. It is Japanese culture that gathering in the shrine for new year celebration. Yes, I was there. It was an incredible...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Ever lasting magic

The hero is gone. It's a time to change the story. I've taken these pictures at Luxor temple in Luxor Egypt. It was amazingly beautiful specially in the evening. It was as if the ancient magic has been revived... I was wandering among the time 6000 years ago at the temple...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The symbol of the hero

Whoever have seen a hero should take their responsibility that to last the legend forever. Yes, we are doing so. Look, this is the under ware which the hero was waring when he was realizing his personal legend. Click the picture, then you can enlarge the picture IF YOU WANT. This is hunged on the wall of reception, so whoever come to here the hostel "Auberg Maeva" in Montreal would know his legend...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Another Winter Olympic

I've seen a hero. How can I stop posting these pictures? He went to outside which was -30 with this looks. Yes, he was naked. Why not? He wanted to know what -30 is. there were many people followed him with cameras in their hands. He was a hero, true hero. I'm sure people never forget him...

Missing home

Even I am travelling as if crazy person, I am same human being. Sometime I miss home. There are so many Indian restaurants in Montreal. But they don't cook Indian food for real. I've been to some of them. Every time I asked them to cook real Indian in Hindy. They understood my Hindy. But they didn't cook it. They are too used to cook for foreigners. The only way to get it is too cook it on my own. yes, it is what I cooked. It is dar. most common food in India. Now I have to tell you shocking truth. There is no curry in India. Once English man asked local people that what the name of the food they were eating. Local man replied "kari". But it means soup in Tamir. It wasn't the name of the food. Every food in India has its name.
I can't bake chapati, so I put pasta into dar. It's strange, But taste was ok. The red one is Indian mango pickles. Everyone need spices in something among ones life.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Raven and the First Men

I'd taken these pictures in UBC museum Vancouver Canada. This is the art of Bill Reid, And this is the greatest art in my experience. He was a native American, passed already. He said art is kind of magic. Yes, it was... The statue had a magic that connected me to the great spirit. I seated in the front of the statue. there were many people doing so. I was the one remained longer than the others. I was there for a hour without word. And I've been alone there at the end.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I've been travelling New Zealand with local friend of mine. Maybe it was amazingly beautiful. But I'm not sure. Actually I was getting sick when I was travelling there. I've been working for Mother Teresa's hospice in India 6 month before from the travel. I got maralia when I was in India. It has been cured once. But India's maralia is difficult to be cured perfect. You need to take primaquine after ended to take anti-maralia. otherwise virus may be sleeping form, and they will remain in your liver. And when you got tired they will be got up again. I had same problem in New Zealand. But nobody knew maralia in New Zealand even doctors. They are not used to travel. I have been sent from hospital to another hospital again and again as if unwanted baggage. And finally I reached biggest hospital. But they wanted my blood for the study. I was terribly weak. They shouldn't did it. But they did it without asked for my permission. They took so much blood. And they sent me to the bed. And asked me if I wanted to sleep in the hospital. I knew maralia so much better than them. I could cure myself if I was in India. I've done it many times. But I need the paper that written by doctor to get medicine in New Zealand. Anyhow I knew that Maralia isn't kind of sick need to be staying in Hospital. That's why I said "NO". Then I went back to my friend's house. But the hospital sent the paper to my house in Japan. It was written that I have to pay for that I slept in the hospital in the paper.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's summer time?

I was gone to Egypt last year. It was amazing travel. Egypt was full of spiritual power. I noticed everything in Egypt has its soul, And they spoke universal language even sand of the desert.
The guy smoking sheesha(Arabic traditional water pipe) in the picture is me. I was waiting for the time the bus leaves from cairo to Luxor. It was still early. That's why I was smoking sheesha. Sheesha was really nice. specially apple mint was amazing... But the driver of the bus came to me. He was terribly upset. I didn't understand why. It was still half hour to the time. I had same problem every time when I was waiting for the bus in Egypt. But finally I realized the reason just before leaving Egypt. It was summer time. I didn't know it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's day! And The reason again

I usually post only one a day otherwise you visiters can't follow me. But this time it's Valentine's day, so I have to post another one. I know it's too late for most of visiters in this blog. But it's still noon of Valentine's day here in Quebec.
Valentine wasn't a man loved a girl. But he spent his life to love people. And got killed for the love.
Yeap, to love a girl(or boy) is really important. But this day is for any kinds of love.
That's why I wanna post same message I've posted before. Because it's almost bottom of this blog. I guess many of you have never read this before. This is the story about the woman who has sown me true love.

I was gone back to India 3 month ago. There was a friend I wanted to see again in Kolkata. I met her 6 years ago. She was begging in the street with her boy and baby in her arms. But actually she and her baby were terribly sick. She came to me to ask for money. I was volunteering for Mother Teresa's hospice. That's why I noticed her condition on the spot. And told her that I know free doctor and can take care of them. She lifted her baby into the front my face. And said "help my baby first". I was shocked. "I promise to help both of you" I said. I did anything possible. Then they got cured. I was really happy. This time I've tried to find her out. But couldn't. She was died 6 month before from now, Because of maralia. I was shocked and worry for her children. She had many children. There were many beggers knew me in the street. They felt sorry for my sadness. They took one young guy to me. I couldn't realize who he is. He was my friend's son who was begging with her. He said "I'm taking care of my brothers. Don't worry". And smiled. He has been grown up much bigger.
My friend was Hindu. So she should been burned and floated into Ganga river. And reached Ganga Sagar(The end of Ganga river). It's Hindu custom. That's why I wandered to the place to find her presence.
I had no clear idea for the title of this blog. Then I just put the name of the place that was big impression in my travel experience.

I've taken this picture in Ganga Sagar. It is a sunrise.

Unknown people

Laos, I think you've never imagined about the country. Mostly people don't travel Laos. That's why there's amazing. I've been to Laos just after India. India is my home, I had lot of work to help people in India. It's good that I was really needed. They gave me the reason to alive. But on the other hand I was too tired. That's why I was gone to Laos.
It was as if time travel. People were so simple, and time was going extreme slow. They were making a living by the beautiful river Mekong. And best thing in Laos was that beers were so cheap and really nice...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Why kids?

This is not my picture. But interesting. She is standing by the mine field in Cambodia. Do you think it's passed? No, it's still going on. I was in Cambodia. Don't ask me about Angkor wat. I've never been there. Nobody believes in Angkor wat now. It's just touristic place. All such places lost its spiritual power. That's why I wasn't interesting.
Anyhow, It's sad that these days victims of mines are usually children. Because some of them are shepherding cows around mine fields. They need to step in the field. I have seen many of them. They have nothing to do with war. It's ended 31 years ago. But they've been grown up in the presence of mines.

The other Pictures of Cambodia and Vietnam

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Beautiful City Ljubljana

These are Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia where my friend is living. It was the beautest city in my travel experience. specially heart of the city. there are lot of open cafe beside canal. I sat down and took cup of coffee with my friend. and we were looking at people come and go. they were smiling.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


These are what I'm always wearing. There are meanings that I shouldn't forget.
Left one is scarab, the symbol of an omen in Egypt. I promise to do not forget open my eyes against omens in the scarab.

Middle one is native American's picture. I don't know the actual meaning. I just promise to keep wandering as if the bird in the picture.

Another one is Durgah, one of Hindu gods. I promise to do not forget my experience and my friends in India and that India is my home even far in the distance in the Durgah.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Crazy artist

I took this picture in Venis Italy. Actually the statue in this picture is man. The kid was going to touch him with kid's mother. The guy acting statue surprised the kid after this picture. It was noon in the summer. Terribly hot... But he was standing there entire noon. It's an crazy joke. But it is kind of art too for sure.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

No border for kids

I've been to South Korea 4 times. There are nice foods. People were usually nice too. But sometime I took much trouble with local people, Because of history stuff. There are some people don't forgive Japan yet. It's been more than 60 years, most of those Japanese are died already. Much less, I have nothing to do with it. My body is Japanese even my soul's home is India. That's why sometime people got upset against me.
When I was in the hiway bus with my ex-korean girlfriend in South Korea. The local kid siting one front of our seat was looking at us. Because we were talking in English. The kid asked us why we are doing so. My ex-girl friend told the kid that I am foreigner. And she asked the kid how do I look. The kid replied same human being.
When people start to divide the people?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Shepherd boy

Last time in Varanasi India, the most sacred city by Ganga river, I went to visit them every morning. The place in the picture is their house. Yes it's out in the open beside the river.
They were shepherds, But they had only one goat. They were extreme poor. But never asked me for money or food to eat. The boy became my friend. We always talked in Hindy. He told me he doesn't know his mother. We watched sunrise every morning, The beautest sunrise in the world... Actually it was very cold when I was in Varanasi last time(I've been there 3 times). His grand mother lited fire for me everyday. I felt her warm heart from the fire. It was better service more than five stars hotels.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In the cold street

Yesterday I met bosnian woman begging in the street. She told me she has no job, But need to feed her children. Actually I just came out from job agency. I couldn't get any job. Not really different from her. I guess she was croatian, Because she told me she is christian. Maybe she meant catholic. I learned there are Croatian, Selvian and Muslims in Bosnia. But actually they are same south slavian. They just divide themselves by religions. That's all I learned about. I was there few days only, so not really sure.

Anyway it's sad Still there was such woman far from her home and begging in an extreme cold street. I need money as well, But gave her little money. I'll give up cup of coffee for exchange.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Happy funny lazy guys

This is a gipny, a kind of small bus in Philippine. Of course it's not benz, But never mind.
I was there for a year. It was hard to stay in philippine. I love to eat, But I didn't like philippina foods. Actually they don't have really local foods. They just boil whatever they have without washing it very well, or just go to hamburger shops... There's a reason they lost their culture. It was colony of foreign countries for More than 400 years. Of China, Spain, US, and Japan.
On the other hand I was enjoying people in Philippine. They are funny and kind. Always playing Basketball without working. I was often to join them. I was playing basketball in high school. Good for 3 point shoot.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Amazing Africa

I found this picture in the other website. My experiences in africa occured in my head when I saw this. I was teaching poor children English in Ethiopia and Kenya even my English is such stupid. I was teaching for level o class. so it's okay:p
I had 1000 students in Ethiopia. They were always smiling at me. I was really enjoying it. But life is not easy in Ethiopia. 25% of my students were HIV children. even though, they were still smiling. Once I had asked one of them if he was feared for the future. He replied "I am alive, I just take care of this moment".

I taught them English. They taught me the meaning of life. which one was greater teacher? Even if their lives are much shorter than mine, they had big reason to remain in this world.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hopes and fears

This is the way to the end of Ganga river(Ganga Sagar).
As I wrote in this blog before, it was an big impression in my travel experience.
It was only idea to find a presence of my friend who taught me really important thing.
I have taken big trouble to reach this small village. And yet, I had no idea how to find her presence. Many memories occured in my head at each step.

It's a map of Ganga river

Friday, February 03, 2006

Geisha picture in Montreal

First of all, I am drunk.
Sometime it's better to get drunk to remove negative thoughts from your mind... Sorry, to tell the truth I just love to drink. And I don't have a class tomorrow.
I found this Geisha(?) picture in my hostel. I don't know why there are people interested of Japan all over the world. Anyhow it's beautiful picture.
Do you think I miss Japan? No, actually I miss India more. My home is India. people thought I'm a stranger everytime I acorded it. But it depends what home means.
I'm often to take a Indian food even here in Montreal. But never taken Japanese food. To take Indian food means to alive for me.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Missing real coffee

French is getting easier for me. so now it's time to find a job. But it's really hard.

Today I posted my comment about Ethiopia in my friend's blog. Then started to miss Ethiopian coffee. It was really nice. Once I have been invited to my friend's house in Adis Abeba Ethiopia.
My friend asked me if I wanted cup of coffee. Of course I replied yes I want. Then she went out. I didn't understand what's going on. she came back half an hour later with plastic bag in her hand.
Then took out beans of coffee from the bag. roasted and clashed them. It took one hour to take a cup of coffee. But it was amazingly excellent aroma and deep tast. I realized I've never taken real coffee before. They call it Bun-na (means coffee) ceremony.

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