Monday, May 08, 2006

Kim and Chang

“Hangugai yeoja chingu iseosung-dai (Because I had a girl friend in Korea)”. “Ah, kureyo? (Oh, did you?)”. “Chigum opseoyo (Now no)”. “Hai iseoyo? (Did you break up?)”. I was used to shop at same store in Niagara Falls Canada. I had a big difficulty with a local foods. They were terribly unbalanced energy, and never feed your soul. I'm capable to cook, but I had no kitchen at my motel. I was feeling terribly sick at both body and soul. I tried to find the store which sells human food. And then I found this Korean store. The shop keepers became my friends. Maybe They were interested of a strange Japanese who speaks Korean. They were selling Kimchi (Korean pickles). I bought it everyday. They doubled Kimchis in the refrigerator. It was little bit pressure for me, but it's ok:p They were used to give me Pulgogi (Korean barbecue) and Pap (Korean rice) for free. Korean food is the best healthy food for both body and soul in the world. That's why they could understand my difficulty. They were used to talk to me in Korean. I speak Hindi and Bengali as well. To speak them is more like joke, because Indian who are out of India speak English very well. But to speak Korean is much different. Korean people speak very little English. My Korean isn't good enough. It was very difficult that to speak Korean. But I was happy to do so. I'm used to ask local people for help during the travel, and I was used to help tourists in India or Japan for exchange. That's the way travel is. Specially Korean people are most hospitable people in my experience.


Blogger Lore said...

They look really nice and friendly!! i'm happy to know that finally you had a peaceful place where you could find the food you needed, the one that filled your body and soul!! also you made new friends!!! :) it's really wonderful that you are able to communicate with them in their own language, also to know Hindi and Bengali!! it's amazing!!!

8:39 PM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger Dia said...

heheh I ate kimchi and korean rice with the girls at Uno house, it was good :)

4:52 AM, May 12, 2006  

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