Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good bye Philippine

I’m sure you all get surprised. I was going to be catholic monk in Philippine even I’m such out of control. Of course I wasn’t good disciple for my master. I was used to comment for my master’s teaching. “Jerry, we religious are chosen people, we are different”. “Who is not chosen? People are all chosen for something special”. “Religious shouldn’t drink”. “Jesus loved to drink, because it’s the best way for discussion”. “Keep distance from women”. “Jesus always kept women beside him, because people need both power of men and women”. Like this. My master was always irritating. I had big difficulty with my master during the training. I was used to visit slam nearby my monastery. I was always welcome to them. People were really open in Philippine. I played basketball and watched NBA games with them. They comforted me without knowing. The end of the year, I went to the slam to celebrate New Year. They began to play fireworks, but one of fireworks fell into the middle of the slam. It became big fire, and began to burn their houses. Firemen came, but they didn’t want to get inside to put off fire. Someone must get inside, because fire was deep in the middle of slam. So I went with water hose in my hands. It was dangerous, gas was bombing everywhere, and electricity cables were cut, but I kept going, and reached middle of fire. The fire stopped, but it was big problem for my monastery. I had no right to do anything without permission, because I was just novice. That’s the way religious is. Much less, it was too dangerous. They had meeting, and I was forced to be in the monastery, but slam people needed people to sweep the after fire. So I went. Many of them lost everything. I brought my clothes and blankets, but nothing is my belongings, that’s the way religious is. Monks got angry. “Jerry, we’ll help them anyway, but we need to have a meeting to decide how to help them”. “They need help now, Manila is cold during the winter as you know, they can’t wait”.
I got kicked out of the monastery after all. I knew what happens, but I couldn't stop myself. Slam people helpped me when I was in the time of trouble. There's no way to runaway when they were in the time of trouble. Many of my friends expected I’d be good monk. Sorry friends, life is irregular, but it goes on. I’m wandering again.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hon Sung-Yop

When I was waiting for the bus at Toronto. I remembered a Korean guy who was feeding homeless people in Tokyo with me. Korean people always mind difference of age even only one year. Actually I really hate this culture, but he never cared it even he was much older than I. He was little bit strange Korean. Once he saw the woman coughing in his office. She had a sick on her lung. There’re many guys smoking. It’s quite normal in Japan. As the other places of Asia (including Korea), women are lower than men, but the Korean guy told them it’s not right. He told me about the story. I told him provably he’d be cut. He wasn’t full time worker. “Who cares?” He said, and smiled. He got kicked out of the company as I guessed, but he was still smiling. I was worry for his family in Korea. “I’ll immigrate to Toronto Canada,” he said. “I don’t want to send my sun to military service, and I want get my children grew up in more free situation”. I was surprised. He was terribly bad for Latin based languages. I was suppose to attend catholic novitiate in Philippine. My last day in Japan, we shared beer in his apartment room. “You’ll be good monk,” he said. That was his last comment. I got kicked out of the monastery after all. And now, I’m here in Ontario Canada too (Niagara Falls and Toronto are in Ontario), but I lost anything like e-mail address to contact him during the training. But I still remember what he has shown me. I was envy for his children. I didn’t have good father. Hon, I still remember you. How's it going? Leave your comment if you found it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I believe an omen. Universal soul has no difficulty to help whoever believes in omen. I told you I’m not interested of quality of pictures, but I needed more zoom. Yesterday was my last day in Montreal. One Mexican guy accorded me he needs digital camera. He didn’t know my situation. Then I got new one (bottom). He paid for my old one (top). I know this one is still much poorer one than any of yours, but I’m happy with this camera. This is 5MP, 10X zoom. It's good enough for me. I always first look at things with my own eyes. To take picture is after that.
Once again I want you understand this blog isn’t photo blog even there’re many pictures. Sometime there’re people who leave negative comments for my pictures (they have been deleted already), but I’ll never accept such comments. Pictures aren’t main things of this blog. They are just part of process to share the stories.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Oriental Colors

Here're the other shots of my girlfriend’s province, Chiang-Mai Thailand. There’s a beautiful market during evening. They call it Night Bazaar. It's the beautest market in my travel experience. These pictures have been taken there. These colors really made me happy.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Well, I’m back…

I have to explain what medical study is. It’s a medicine research. You have to stay clinic, take a medicine, and then get paid. That’s it. There’re so many blood draws, stupid foods and fucking people. But nothing would be too bad there’re nice Pakistani and Indian people during my study. I do speak little bit of their languages (Urdu and Hindu are almost same). Maybe they were interested for strange Japanese who spoke Hindu. They were really nice people. I had been invited to the house of Pakistani one after the study, and took Pakistani food. I felt I ate true food after long long time.

I’m leaving for Niagara Falls day after tomorrow. I’ll be tourist guide if I passed interview. So I cleaned my boots. Since 2nd trip to India, my choice of shoos for travelling was always Timberland. I was athlete, that’s why shoos is very important for me. And Timberland is the best on my foots. My travel was harder than the others. 1st one’s sole has been removed during volunteering in Kolkata India. 2nd one has been given to shoeless homeless in Tokyo. Now this is 3rd one. Friends are important, but they do share not all the battle field. Please remind your gears. They have been sent by universal soul, because he wants you to realize your personal legend. I asked the boots to help my travel for some more while.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Midle of the study

I'm in the midle of the Medical study. I don't have much time to use computer. That's why I can't answer to your comments, forgive me. I want you be carefull of the guy who are used to leave stupid comments these days. Now his comments have been deleted. You shoudn't click his inviting link even if you found it. This kind of website always give you spyware or virus. If you are the one that STUPID MAGGOT GUY, you aren't allowed to comment on this blog. See on the left. There's a message this blog is strictly never accept cmments for business.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Vieux Montreal

Tomorrow I’ll disappear from this beautiful world for 9days. That’s why I went to Old Montreal for walk. I couldn’t upload the main story to another blog. Life is always irregular. But I’m happy for my blog has got better. Thank you for your cooperation. I’ll move to Niagara Falls after the study. Actually I’m not really good for adjusting to new situation even I’ve been traveling so much. But body and soul need new challenge.
Music hosting isn't working. It was limited (500MB download/month). I didn't notice it:-( I myself accesed this blog too often for layout change.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Eagles ~Love Will Keep Us Alive~

Well, I uploaded another song. These days I’m little bit busy. But now I have to go to Old Montreal for relax. Day after tomorrow I’ll start medical study again. I don’t want to think about it… Anyway wish you enjoy the song Love Will Keep Us Alive.

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