Friday, March 31, 2006


Last time in Varanasi. There’s a Pooja (ceremony). Young priests were praying with oil lamps in their hands. I wanted to take a picture, but too many people. “Pooja Dekaie? (Do you want to watch the Pooja?)” Someone said from the back. He was one of my Sadu friends (the younger one in the picture on the top). He invited me to the guest terrace. It was best place to watch the Pooja. I wondered why he had a right to invite me to the place. Following day, I came to know his master (older one in the picture on the top) is higher Sadu. I didn’t notice it when I was talking with him. I have been talking with them just as friends. They were good guys. That’s enough for me.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Need your advice

Well, I guess it's much better now. For some people, it was difficult to read, because of different computers. Please tell me if you have any difficulty to read my blog. The picture on the top is taken at Ganga Sagar India. It was very inportant experience for me. That's why I wanted to make it always visible. You can jump to the story from this link.
Wish you enjoy my blog. And the music stops more people by this blog.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sarah Brightman ~Until The End Of Time~

As Lore said, dreams come true if you never give up. Finally I got the music on my page. I spent entire days for this after checked out of clinic. I hope you visitors enjoy my blog more than before with the music.


4 years ago, I was in Quezon City Philippine. I was volunteering for the hospice for handicapped people. I was used to play Basket ball alone during the other people taking siesta. I was playing Basket ball since Hi school. I was tall in Japan (185cm/6,2foot). That’s why head coaches of my teams always forced me to be center player. But I was a pure long shooter. I had chance for training 3 point shoot during the other people are in siesta. That day I was doing what I had repeated for million of time. One of handicapped guys came to me. His right half body was Paralyzed, and had Intelligence obstacle. He looked child, but should be around same age of mine. Many of mental handicapped people’s body never get grown well. He was used to talk to me. Actually he couldn’t speak language. But I was able to understand him. He asked me to train him 3 point shoot. He wanted to be a little hero. It was same with my situation. I was unable for any exercise. I wanted to be normal at least. That’s why I joined basketball team in my Hi school. My coach was happy for tall guy joined his team. But I was too weak, and had no body balance. I always fell down to the other players. Then my coach told me I shouldn’t join their training, because it’s dangerous. Since then I was always shooting 3 point at the corner in gymnasium. People were laughing, because my shoots even couldn’t reach the ring. But there’s no way to survive under the ring for me.

The handicapped guy began to shoot. It never reached the ring. He carried the ball on his left shoulder, and threw it. It reached. But it was out of control. He simply threw the ball as if dodge ball. “No, you must make an arch” I said. He repeated it following days. People noticed what we are doing, and said “Jerry, it’s impossible”. I didn’t reply. After thousand of shoot, finally the ball passed the ring. “Ah! Ah!” he shouted. It was hot noon. There’s no audience. But he was a shooting star. He was a hero.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Warrior of the light

This is my life text. Sometime I take much trouble to follow what written in the book. But I'm trying to do so. Read the book if you've never read it. I'll be not here for 9 days from tomorrow. I'll stay clinic for the medical study. Because I need first money to survive.
I may move to Niagara falls to be tourist guide for Japanese tourists next month. Japanese language is completely different sense from English. So it must be tough challenge. I don't know how to let people enjoy with Japanese. I'll do my best. But it's not sure yet. There's an interview. Then they'll decide. Let's see...
These days I'm little bit nervous. I'm missing home and girlfriend...

Sunday, March 12, 2006


3rd time in Kolkata India. There was an English Indian guy sharing same room with me. He was learning Hindi even he was 60 years old. Because he was working for Mother Teresa's hospice together with me. He wanted to be closer to patients. He was searching for small house in Kolkata for to get stationed in the city. I asked him why he decided to move from rich country to such poor country. It must be tough for 60 years old guy. He was born in Mumbai India, but grew up in England. He took out a picture from his pocket, and shown me that. There was a woman smiling in the beautiful garden. "Is she your wife?" I asked. "Yes" he replied. "Where's she now? ". "She is passed". It was a big mistake that I asked about her. I didn't imagine a wife of 60 years old English guy was already passed. But he smiled and said "it's ok. I thought that I was left alone in the world when she passed. But there's a reason things went like this. I felt she is pushing my back to let me do what I wanted to do since long time ago. That's why I am here".

Friday, March 10, 2006

"Don't stop drinking" Jesus said

I wake up early morning in Sarajevo Bosnia. Because I was going to take a train for Zagreb Croatia. I packed belongings, and left hostel. I heard party music when I was heading to the bus stop. "It can't be" I thought. It was 6AM. I had lot of time. That's why I went to the place of the music. People were drinking in the bar. Unbelievable... They asked me if I join them. So I did. I didn't imagine it lasts long. People gave me a bottle of beer. They kept dancing and singing. "It's Endless" I thought. I left them behind 7 AM. Party was still going on.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I took these pictures in Gion Kyoto Japan during Gion Matsuri (festival). They don't allow cars enter the area during the previous night (Yoi-Yama). Million of people gather in Gion area during Yoi-Yama. Do not miss understand, Gion is not as big as whole town. It's just part of the ward, Higasiyama-ku Kyoto. It's crazily cloud. And guys have to move Yamas (in the pictures) around Gion on the last day of Matsuri.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Calm

I like this picture as well. But people in stumble don't take it. Pity... I know it's bad quality, but it's as spiritual as sadus one. Please jump to the post.
I know you are waiting for another story. But sometime you better stop your step, and relax;-)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Sadu friends

These days I'm netsurfing in "". Some people in the website picked this picture to display it on their blogs. They like my friends, but not me hehe:p Just kidding. Please jump to the post about my friends from this link if you have never read it.

History Teller

I found this in Ayuthaya Thailand. Ayuthaya was once capital of Thailand. But there's always war between Siam (Thailand) and Bulma. Ayuthaya has been destroyed. And people moved away. The tree is grew up around the boodh head.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Street Heros

Even though Montreal is very cold during the winter, There're street performers. I wonder how it's big trouble. Thank you guys for making us happy.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Missing wine...

I stoped to take a wine and sweets. It was hard decision that I bought my own computer. It's cheapest one, but it was too big shopping for me. That's why I stoped to drinking and taking sweets. Wine was one of my life sources. My friends, please cheer me...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Another Story

Last day of last time in my home Kolkata (I've been there 5 times). I decided to walk around. Because I was going to move to Canada. I knew I'll miss the city where became my home after many difficulities. This time I didn't volunteer, Because too short. Main purpose was to see friends (please jump to the post from this link if you want to know about the story my meeting friends). I kept walking and walking. It's been so long... But I noticed still I'm capable to do what I was doing before... I felt something different from the guy sleeping on the other side of the street. There're so many people sleeping in the street, and He did look totally same. Some of you already know what it does mean. I went to talk to him. He understood what I said, But he didn't reply loudly. He had no fever. But I knew it's brain malaria. I took him to Mother Teresa's hospice (in the picture) where I was working before by taxi. Yes it's been so long. There's nobody knew me. I told sisters that I brought a patient. But they doubted that such strange foreigner say like that. Actually it's big problem that many unknowledgeful foreigners bring unserious sick people very often. I told them that I was station worker. Then they immediately believed me. But the guy I brought was almost time. They got surprised when I brought him into the hospice. There're many volunteers and sisters, and I needed to go to the bank, Because I spent my last money for the taxi. That's why I left the hospice.

That night, I was playing with a cat on the rooftop of my guesthouse. One young guy who was a volunteer of the hospice came to me. He was staying same guesthouse. He said "the guy you brought is passed". "As I guessed" I replied. "It's better than to die in the street, isn't it?". He couldn't reply to my question. He looked so sad. The death remained something among him. I noticed another story has been began among him.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sometime friendship does cost so much...

Nairobi. It was beautiful city. Whole city was like zoo. There was a woodpecker used to come to my house every morning. It was his custom that knock the window. He was so lovely. We said "friend has come" when he came. But he broke the Glass after all. Since then he never came back. Maybe he was afraid to pay fee for the glass...

Name of the Soul

It's 50th post in this blog. It's not very long for you visiters. But I'm surprised for such lazy guy kept going on.

I took this picture when I was waiting for sunset in Western oasis Egypt.

This time let me explain about my name.
Maybe you think my name Jerry is just handle name, Because I was born in Japan. But It is my true name and very important name. Of course there's another name in my passport. But it depends what true name means. There were manias want to know my paper name.


You better don't ask. The person who has that name is died.

My name Jerry is named by Philippina friends during my first oversea trip. Because Japanese name was difficult to memorize. It was just nick name in the beginning. But since then I've done everything in the name of Jerry. And there are many friends already died without knowing my paper name. They made Jerry my true name.

My name is Jerry

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turn around

I just finished French exam today. It was too easy. It's too slow to practice. I better have extra time to study it...

These days I'm thinking about my another blog. No wonder It must be bigger story than this blog. And it lasts long. Take your time readers. I'm sorry Lore and Dia that I post same picture I have posted before. I have more stories, But there are new commers after the post. I wanna share this story with them. You can jump to the post from this link.


I took this picture on the bridge "Stari Mosto" in Mostar Bosnia. It was very beautiful bridge. He is going to jump from the bridge. It's Bosnia's tradition. It's an exciting show. But I was more interesting of the girl at his side. She was super beautiful...

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