Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Am I spiderman?

This guy was dancing in the street of Montreal. I wanna show you movie, But it's not possible to upload in this blog. Pity...
He asked me if I was spiderman. Then gave me candies.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sadar street

It's Sadar street(I fogot exact spelling) where I was used to be in Kolkata India.
I've met lot of peaple in this street including the friend I've written in this blog before. It's just dirty and busy place for most of western or Japanese those who are rich enough. On the other hand there are many foreigners travelling in this dirty country. Why? I was in India for a year as well. Mostly I was staying in this street. And I felt more at home than Japan. I can't explain the reason.
I've met french guy who have been in India for 11 years. He told me one life is not enough to know India. I think so too.
There are many people speak about India too much without experienced very well.
I've met lot of people in India. And know their life, happiness and sadness. I've cured many people, But on the other hand there were lot of people I couldn't help. And yet, I'm not worth to comment.
Many of my friends say I've lot of experience. I think so maybe, But I just followed omen every moment. Sometime I may write about my stories in India in this blog. But they are as if flakes of snow. Just small part of India. And one day disappear from your head.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The sun shines on everyone

This is dusk beyond Nile river. I've heard Egyptian people had faith on the sun. There were many images in Egypt like scarab is pushing sun or the sun in the eye image.
I don't understand complicated stuff. I'm an simple man. Ancient people were looking at same sun. That's all I know. I was gone to watch sunset everyday while I was in luxor Egypt. And imagined what ancient people were thinking about with looking at this sun.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Nice t-shirt...

I got this in Bangkok Thailand. There are lot of nice t-shirt. Everybody even who doesn't speak english understands what it does mean. I think it's kind of language without words.
Actually mine is not this big. I shouldn't ware this in Canada. It must be wrong. But who cares?

Stari Mosto

Today I dont have a class! wow! I have to go out to find something in the city!

Welcome Merili:) Yes Bosnia was really beautiful specially mountains. There were warm and strong peaple. I wanna visit again.
This picture is Stari Mosto, the symbol of Bosnia's revival. Once Croatian soldiers blew up in 1993. But rebuilt after the war. War is ended. People got back beautiful smiles. Sometimes architecture give people hope.
I spent entire day by the beautiful river and bridge.

Beautiful Bosnia

I found nice blog:)
It's here
There were really beautful pictures!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy crazy guy

Friend of mine made his own blog. He is amazingly crazy guy. You can go to his blog from the post following this one.
There're many beautiful pictures:) I like it more than blogs look like news papers. My stupid head would be blew up if I read them hahaha!:p

I'm sorry for this terrible picture. But this is really important one for me.
The place is centre market in Sarajebo Bosnia. Children were feeding birds with happy smiles. Can you imagine this is a same place where great number of people killed each other only 11 years ago? I was in Bosnia only few days, so I'm not worthy to comment about it. But I wanna believe children heal people's pain. And they gonna create happy future.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Positive Energy

Positive Energy

Another challenge

I am fighting with my hostel's computer these days. I think there's a spyware in the computer. Then downloaded remover. I don't know why I customer is taking such trouble for. But I'm not in Japan, so then shouldn't be strict. Just defeat my enemy in the computer. and smile^0T

I met this family in Luxor Egypt. Actually I was lost in a dried hill. I was used to get lost all over the world. Usually I don't mind. But this time was serious. Too hot and dried air. The girl dressed green clothing and another girl in her arms came to me. They didn't speak English. But I was able to talk with them. It's difficult to explain. But some tourist can communicate without language. specially with children. And I am one of them. I asked them for water. And then they invited me to their house.
The boy on the right was shepherd.
Life is not easy in Egypt. But they were enjoying their own lives.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hi friends!

Today my hostel's computer isn't working. Now I'm using my friend's one.
This time I can't upload my picture:p

You're welcome to my blog Fabian:) Yes there are some people don't understand a words with out words. Actually everyone has an ability. But it's scare to realize. Sometimes it may harm your heart. You may think how to build your life. And must be lost child.
Usually people choose the way already prepared. But I was out of control. That's why I am here in Canada hahaha!.
Not everyone can see his dreams come true in the same way. Let them manage it on their own.

Next time I may show you pictures of EU or Egypt. They were taken by mobile. Terrible quality:p But they are important as much as the other pictures for me.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The calm

This picture is taken in Chian-Mai Thailand. He was just reading. But I felt something deep in my heart.
Men's faces says a lot just as Jill said. But it's not only men. Sometimes peaple teach something very important without word. But they don't realize it.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Thanks for your posting. I'm really happy to hear you friends.
I'd taken this picture in Thailand. Of course she is not my baby.
She was sooooooooooooooooo lovely!! I love children.

Today it's snowing. The city must be beautiful.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Today I'm very happy. I dont have a class! I think I'm going out to the city. Montreal is really beautiful city. There are lot of lovely people.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The reason

I was gone back to India 2 month ago. There was a friend I wanted to see again in Kolkata. I met her 6 years ago. She was begging in the street with her boy and baby in her arms. But actually she and her baby were terribly sick. She came to me to ask for money.
I was volunteering for Mother Teresa's hospice. That's why I noticed her condition on the spot. And told her that I know free doctor and can take care of them. She lifted her baby into the front of my face. And said "help my baby first". I was shocked. "I promise to help both of you" I said. I did anything possible. Then they got cured. I was really happy.

This time I've tried to find her out. But couldn't. She was died 5 month before from now, Because of malaria. I was shocked and worry for her children. She had many children. There were many beggers knew me in the street. They felt sorry for my sadness. They took one young guy to me. I couldn't realize who he is. He was my friend's son who was begging with her. He said "I'm taking care of my brothers. Don't worry". And smiled. He has been grown up much bigger.

My friend was Hindu. So she should been burned and floated into Ganga river. And reached Ganga Sagar(The end of Ganga river). It's Hindu custom. That's why I wandered to the place to find her presence.

I had no clear idea for the title of this blog. Then I just put the name of the place that was big impression in my travel experience.


These guys were Hindu pilgrimages. I met them in Varanasi 2 month ago. They were called Sadus. Actually there is no big difference between Sadu and the others. Any Hindu is able to be. But you need to leave all your belongings to be Sadu just as disciples of Jesus did. I noticed there is no bigg difference between religions.
I discussed with them. We spoke in Hindy which is most spoken in India. My Hindy is not good enough. But we were happy to do so. And younger one gave me his blessing. He prayed for my safe journey.

Pictures of Ganga Sagar

These pictures are of the end of Ganga river in India where most pilgrimages of Hindus come to an end.
Top one is sunrise, bottom is dusk.

Location:Always moving

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